Segopotso aged 46 is HIV positive and has suffered two strokes.

Ever since her partner died in 2000, Segopotso has been the sole carer of her three children. But life has not been easy because in the years since her partner’s death, Segopotso was diagnosed as HIV positive. Forced out of her job after being stigmatised by her employers, she became ill with pneumonia and suffered strokes.

And so when Segopotso came to us for help, she really was in desperate need. She felt rejected by society, cast out by friends and unable to go home. And due to a case of shingles on her face, she had become convinced that she looked ‘strange’ to others and everyone was staring at her.

Segopotso’s other symptoms included pain in her heart, an absence of periods and weakness and swelling of the legs.

Segopotso tells us now that after being helped by the homeopaths, her physical symptoms have either disappeared or become much better. Segopotso is feeling much more relaxed again, can communicate with her family and has even spoken of being ready to work again.

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