Obakeng aged 11 is Tebogo’s brother. He witnessed the violent attack on his sister.

“The man who raped my sister told me he was going to kill me. I hit him and ran away. I think about what happened all the time. I feel scared. At school I think I see someone coming to attack me and I jump.”

Obakeng has been having nightmares since the rape and has started sleepwalking.

“When I’m trying to go to sleep I think I can feel things moving on my body. I get sleepy but as I fall asleep the fear comes and I get startled awake.”

One week after receiving counselling and homeopathic treatment, Obakeng says he’s feeling much less frightened – even in the dark. There have been no nightmares, no sleepwalking, and he’s thinking about the rape much less.

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