New opportunities for our staff in Maun

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We are delighted to announce that after several years of dedicated work running our Maun and Outreach Clinics, Lebo and Wasanapi have been promoted to the roles of joint Clinic Coordinators. ┬áLebo will running the clinics in Maun including recruiting and managing a new receptionist, and Wasa will be taking particular responsibility for the Outreach Programme – an area of our work that is his passion.

This development is an opportunity for Irene too – she’s now able to give more of her time to studying to be a homeopath, which she loves. While she’s stepping back from her full time role as Clinic Manager, we’re pleased that she will continue to work with Hilary in fundraising and doing research for the MHP.

Volunteer, Elin Forster, with our staff/trainees – Wasanapi Kapii, Lebo Sarwanyane and Irene Mohiemang and our new vehicle

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