Malebogo aged 35 is HIV positive and has been feeling increasingly weak and ill.

Malebogo currently lives with her husband and three children. She works as a maid and her very low income is vital as it’s the family’s only way of earning money. But work is a struggle because Malebogo is HIV+ and suffers from a persistent cough.

This cough keeps her awake all night and means she constantly feels exhausted. Malebogo also has marked weight-loss, recurring mouth ulcers, cramps and numbness in her legs, and constipation.

“I worry a lot. It’s too much for me. My husband doesn’t work. It hurts inside and I’m depressed. At night when I wake I start thinking and get choked. Who’s going to look after the kids if I die? I think about dying.”

Malebogo came to see the homeopaths for 3 consultations after which she reported that the cough has gone, she is sleeping well and her other physical symptoms have left her. Finally Malebogo feels more positive and full of energy. Her life is still very hard, but now she has a reason to smile.

“My worries still come and go but they don’t stay. I worry about money and my daughter, but it’s life and I now have the strength to carry on.”

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