Kelebogile aged 56 is HIV positive and has been on ARV treament for one year.

When Kelebogile first came to the clinic, she complained of chronic diarrhoea – a symptom of her ARV medication. The diarrhoea had got much worse during the past month. But she was also suffering from burning back pain, pounding headaches with dizziness, and lack of sleep because of the diarrhoea.

“I’m alone. My mother, father, brother and two of my children have died. My parents were from Zambia and I want to go back but I don’t know how. I’m homesick. I have one son and a daughter who don’t care for me. I’m so alone.”

But after seeing the homeopaths, Kelebogile came back to the clinic smiling and looked several years younger. She tells us that her diarrhoea has stopped and she no longer feels weak or dizzy.

“My appetite is improving and I’m able to eat a bit. I don’t feel so alone anymore and I’ve been accepted into the community of the Lutheran Church. I’m a dressmaker and I want to teach others. I no longer feel homesick.”

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