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Our Story so far…

The Beginning

In 2000 Hilary Fairclough and Philippa Brewster decided to set up a homeopathic clinic in Maun, Botswana. A visit there had shown that HIV had become an epidemic. People were suffering and dying alone. There were long daily queues at the Maun General Hospital and local agencies were clearly stretched to their limits.

Hilary and Philippa knew that homeopathy could fill a gap for holistic care in this traumatised community.

Making the dream a reality

In 2002 the team returned to Maun to find out if local voluntary agencies (NGO’s) would welcome the homeopathy clinic. Their response was immediate and positive, and at their invitation the project began practicing homeopathy and running workshops – even though a state registered medicine in Botswana, homeopathy was then virtually unknown in Maun.

Ever since, the growth of the Maun Homeopathy Project has been an organic process, with the clinics going from strength to strength – and it is highly respected in the community today.

Naming our clinic

When we opened our central clinic in Maun we decided to call it the Mowana Clinic. This is because Mowana means Baobab Tree in Setswana (the Botswana language), a tree which represents strength and longevity and which is used in our logo.


In 2010, Hilary Fairclough, MHP co-founder and Director, was awarded the Society of Homeopaths Outstanding Achievement Award for her work with the Maun Homeopathy Project:

“It’s a privilege to receive this award. When I first went to Maun, all I had was the intention and a small case of remedies. I have a passionate commitment to the work out there – the people are surprised we keep going back. It’s about teamwork, trust and building up the work at a grassroots level. The people in Maun very much want our help, we are frequently asked to set up new clinics, and we’re regularly reminded of the difference we are making to peoples’ lives.”

Your help is needed

The Maun Homeopathy Project is funded almost entirely by individual donations. Please support us today if you can.

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