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The Maun Homeopathy Project offers free homeopathy treatment to people who are struggling with the painful symptoms and stigma of HIV & AIDS.

The beating heart of the project is our Mowana clinic in Maun. This is where the majority of our treatments take place. But we also offer care to the community through twelve outreach clinics in and around Maun – our mobile clinics travel in our four wheel drive vehicle to the most impoverished and isolated villages.

Offering personalised care

The homeopathic consultation

During each of our confidential consultations the homeopath listens to the patient describe their emotional and physical symptoms. They also take into account the additional stresses the patient is facing. While our homeopaths don’t do any physical examinations or tests, they spend one hour listening to the patient and understanding their situation.

Then the homeopath prescribes a course of remedies tailored specifically to the patient, and sets up a series of follow up consultations every 1 to 4 weeks so symptoms can be monitored and the prescription adjusted.

Changing lives, one patient at a time

Our patients tell us that they have experienced many benefits of homeopathy’s holistic “whole person” approach.

“Before I received help from the Maun Homeopathy Project, the future didn’t look good for me. I didn’t think I was going to live much longer. My whole body was in pain and my legs were cramping so badly that I could walk or work. A friend brought me to the Mowana clinic and they gave me homeopathic remedies to take alongside my prescription drugs. I started to feel much better. The cramping is gone in my left leg.” Keemetswe Motsembere, 59

“The homeopathy really helps…I once wanted to commit suicide. My girlfriend decided to move to Kasane – we agreed she would go for one week and she stayed for two months. I was having bad dreams of being chased by a lion. I was very very angry, and I put a knife under my pillow because I wanted to kill myself. After seeing the homeopaths the bad dreams went and I stopped feeling suicidal. Now I am free.” Dunga Simon, 28

“When I came to you I was so burdened but now my life is OK. I couldn’t get any help from the hospital, they failed to help me. I’m so thankful even to God for you because now my life is going well and I lead a happy life. If it was not for you I’d be dead by now. My partner died and then as if that was not enough I found my child at the mortuary, he had drowned and it was terrible for me. Then when I was in the company of other people I could only see strange animals so I moved away to be by myself. The homeopaths have helped me so much. I’ve no intention of going to any other clinic except this one! God should increase your numbers and years” Onalenna Thugatona, 37

“I was having dizziness, now it’s cured; I don’t have it any more. I was coughing and coughing after eating but now it’s gone. Even my back pain got better, I’ve come back.  I’m a farmer – I can now look after my cattle, cut firewood and ride my horse to check on my animals. Without the homeopathy I wouldn’t be able to do this.” Boipelo Mothasedi, 67

Your help is needed

The Maun Homeopathy Project is funded almost entirely by individual donations. Please support us today if you can.

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