Training local homeopaths

“Homeopathy is a new programme in Botswana. The people with HIV really benefit. I want to contribute as a homeopath to help the community and people of Botswana.”  – Wasanapi Kapii, homeopathy trainee

Our aim is to make the homeopathy service in Botswana completely sustainable – run on a permanent basis by and for local people.

In order to achieve this aim we have developed a training programme in partnership with The College of Practical Homeopathy (CPH) in the UK

Through the CPH distance learning programme we are able to provide an apprenticeship-style learning environment in Maun where our trainees receive extensive clinical experience by being involved in running the clinics. In the early stages of their training our trainees may, for example, interpret for clients who don’t speak English and work alongside the volunteer homeopaths.

Of course, until our trainees have become fully qualified and registered to practice in Botswana, the clinics will be run by a rolling programme of international volunteer homeopaths.

So far we have recruited over 20 volunteers who donate their time and expertise to the charity by running the clinics and supporting the trainees in Maun for 6-12 week stretches. Their experience is intense and often challenging but deeply rewarding. For more on how you can volunteer in Maun, click here.

Your help is needed

The Maun Homeopathy Project is funded almost entirely by individual donations. Please support us today if you can.

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