Tebogo aged 8 is suffering after being violently raped.

“I am frightened. I’m very scared when there is nobody else at home or if I am walking to school alone. I get bad dreams of a man in the bush.”

One day, when Tebogo was out selling oranges with her 11 year-old brother, she was raped by a stranger in the bush. Fortunately, Tebogo’s attacker was captured and is now awaiting trial in prison but this little girl cannot escape the emotional and physical wounds that remain.

For example, Tebogo is very quiet and withdrawn. She finds it hard to remember things since the rape, and when asked to do something, she simply stands lost in a dream.

Shortly after her initial homeopathic consultation at the counselling centre, Tebogo’s physical and emotional wounds showed they were healing. She is back at school, has fewer bad dreams, and is less afraid of walking to school. Now this little girl comes to her consultations smiling, and the future is bright for Tebogo.

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