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Since our inception, the Maun Homeopathy Project has worked in partnership – both with local people in Maun and with our supporters around the world. Now we have established a highly valued place within Maun and are often asked to start up new outreach clinics.

It is only thanks to these partnerships that the project has been possible:

Bana Ba Letsatsi

Bana Ba Letsatsi is a centre for street children with an experience of homelessness, neglect, abuse and substance misuse. We hold a regular clinic at this centre to treat the children who have many problems – ranging from emotional trauma to coughs and colds.

“All the kids here say that they want to see the homeopaths. One boy was addicted to glue-sniffing, he told me the tablets really helped him. The kids say they feel better and I see the changes. One boy, Danny, was troublesome – he was always fighting but now he’s OK. We always encourage the kids to see the homeopaths.” Tshamekang Simon, Counsellor

The Lutheran Church in Maun

The church is home to our central clinic, the Mowana clinic. Here we care for people with HIV/AIDS and from here we provide home visits for those who are too ill to travel.

Lutheran Church Staff

“The homeopathy tablets are very good for these people. When they go to the hospital, often they are not even given any medication, they are just told to go home. Sometimes they give them paracetamol but the way they care for them is not good – they don’t appreciate them, they have no patience, no smiling.

But here it is very good, the homeopaths talk with them nicely and smile, and the patients are very happy.  They enjoy coming in and some of them bring others to the Support Group because they want them to see the homeopaths too.

Before, people were lying down, not active, helpless. But now they are up and about and you can see them smiling. They tell me ‘these tablets are very good for us, Stella’. The homeopathy has changed peoples’ lives.” Stella Saranyane, HIV Support Group Co-ordinator

The Lutheran Church in Sehitwa

Every week we run one of our busiest outreach clinics here in Sehitwa, a village 100km from Maun.

Women Against Rape (WAR)

WAR provides counselling for anyone who has experienced sexual assault. WAR refers patients to us so that we can help heal their physical and emotional trauma.

“Homeopathy is especially suitable for rape victims and those who have been affected by domestic violence – I refer them straight away. One woman, she was assaulted by her husband, and after the homeopathic consultation when I met her, she told me things that she kept secret before, she was more open, she even told me she had stopped thinking a lot about the assaults.” Thalo, Counsellor, Women Against Rape

Okavango Kopano Mokoro Community Trust

This trust represents six villages in the Okavango Delta, where we hold monthly outreach clinics.

“One of our board members, his mother couldn’t raise her arms or walk, she was so weak. But after seeing the homeopaths she is strong, she collects water from the river and is able to look after herself. Our board members report that their communities are very happy with the homeopathy service and they are asking if the homeopaths can visit the villages more often.” Themba Bitsang, Manager

The Village Development Council of Kareng

In this bush village 150km outside Maun, we hold a monthly outreach clinic.

“I came to see the homeopath because I was feeling sick and feeling sad, having very big problems with stress.  The homeopath was very easy to talk to.  The first time I came here I was very, very weak but now I’m better because I can sleep.  I’ve seen the homeopath 3 times and each time there’s been an improvement. It has been so good for me.  It’s made a difference, because the way the homeopath approaches us is very nice.  At the hospital the nurse has no time to talk to us and the doctors aren’t interested to ask you so many questions.  They’re not so fascinated to ask like the homeopath.” Kenamile, HIV+ client

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