Olebogeng aged 25 is HIV positive and raising two children on her own.

In addition to being HIV positive, Olebogeng was diagnosed with TB and she has been struggling to cope ever since. The father to her children abandoned her, and Olebogeng finds it hard to support her children – she is a part-time rubbish collector, but is rarely well enough to work enough hours.

When she came to us for homeopathic treatment, Olebogeng was coughing and had chest pains. She was vomiting and was spending most of her time lying down due to extreme weakness and numbness in her legs. Her other symptoms included night sweats and very poor appetite.

Things had got so bad that Olebogeng had no choice but to move back to her grandmother’s home with her children so she could be looked after. Her mood was low and, most of the time, she just preferred to be alone.

After seeing the homeopaths, Olebogeng reported a noticeable improvement in all her symptoms.  She returned for two more treatments and then reported that she was able to return to her own home and look after her children herself.

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