Lebo and Hilary go to Xobe 2….

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Lebo says “The MHP Director, Hilary, is currently visiting us so yesterday I suggested she come to one of our Outreach Clinics with me, Xobe 2, which is a village about 25km from Maun. To reach it I had to drive off road along sandy tracks by the River Thamalakane for 45 mins of the journey. When we arrived, there was only one person waiting for treatment and I was worried that word of our clinic had not reached the villagers, but soon there was a queue and we treated 25 people so it was a busy day. I really enjoyed working with Hilary who was my assistant for the day – and the response from clients was fantastic – everyone had got a lot better on their remedies. One villager was so well she said she didn’t need a consultation!”

Lebo Sarwanyane, Homeopath


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