Kutlo is HIV positive and has been taking ARVs for two years.

‘The homeopathic treatments have really helped me a lot. I’m now happily working as gardener and I feel well enough to go to the fields and pick beans. I can carry 25kg of beans home without pain. But best of all, I feel happy now. I am warm and I enjoy the sunshine.”

Before the Maun Homeopathy Project offered her help, Kutlo found that the side-effects of her ARV medications were crippling. She suffered from weakness, vomiting, dizziness and fever. Her joints were incredibly sore and she had a constant painful cough, as well as difficulty breathing.

Living in a small house and having to sleep in a room with 11 other people didn’t help Kutlo. She was depressed, drained and constantly worried about what would happen to her children while she was at home, suffering in pain.

But following a two month course of homeopathic treatment to take alongside her ARVs, Kutlo tells us that she is doing much better. She is energetically tending the garden where she works – because she no longer has to worry about her symptoms. She tells us her sore joints, vomiting and back pain have gone and her appetite is back too!

Now Kutlo can keep working and provide food, clothing and education for her children.

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