Etsa Success Story

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Below Lebo describes her second visit to Etsha Village 300km away from Maun in the isolated north west region of Botswana, close to the ‘pan handle’ of the Okavango Delta.

“It was a very successful outreach clinic – people came in such large numbers that Wasa and I had to work for 3 days in row from 7.30am in the morning to 6pm in the evening to try to see everyone who wanted homeopathic treatment. Even so, on the third day, there were still so many people that we ran out of writing pads, remedies and dispensing bags! So we had to stop and promise to come back again soon. We noticed that there were a lot of elderly people consulting us who were HIV+. This is different to our experience running clinics in and around Maun where it is mostly younger people who are HIV+. We were overwhelmed by our welcome at Etsa village, and plan to go back soon to continue our work and hopefully see the people who we had to turn away.”

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