Dineo Nkape, 27, is HIV positive and on antiretroviral drugs.

“I was very weak before being helped by the homeopaths. I had a constant upset stomach and, at times, I just wanted to die. I was like a baby, I had to be carried everywhere.”

When we first met Dineo, she was lying on the floor, weak and emaciated, barely able to speak and tell us her symptoms. She’d been vomiting constantly and suffering from diarrhoea. Worst of all, Dineo seemed to have lost all of her will to live.

After a course of homeopathic treatment Dineo told us she had responded well – she was able to get up, eat, drink and look after her daughter again.

Since then, Dineo’s health and quality of life have continued to improve. She has now returned to work and is full of hope for the future.

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