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“Homeopathy has made me who I am” – how a new partnership was formed

Gabo tells her story…

“Homeopathy has made me who I am. I’m HIV positive and I used to have a lot of stress, I took everything to heart and brooded on my troubles. Then I started going to the Mowana Clinic for homeopathy and since then I’ve been free of any stress. The stress now flies over my head. My skin is glowing and I feel healthy. People ask me what has caused the positive changes in me and I tell them that it’s the homeopathy.

It was a while ago when I went to the Mowana Clinic, then I found out that the clinic had moved and I could’t find the new premises. I live in a village called Shashe and there I saw a letter written by Irene Mohiemang to our Chief. In the letter Irene said she wanted to set up a new free clinic for elderly people in the village, and I was so excited. I told the Chief that this is the clinic that has given me my life back. I immediately wanted to help with Irene’s new clinic and now I’m the clinic co-ordinator.”

Gabo is pictured above sitting next to Irene Mohiemang at the Shashe Clinic for elderly people.

This is one of many stories I heard when I was back in Maun last month. Irene and Lebo run a vibrant and much valued Outreach Programme. They drive long distances, sometimes up to 300km, to reach the communities that need our service. In Botswana there are some tarmac roads but often the drive involves negotiating rough terrain – deep sandy or muddy tracks (depending on whether it is the rainy or dry season) sometimes blocked by flooded rivers. Without careful handling, all of these diffculties can cause our 4WD vehicle to get stuck (see more news of our vehicle below). When I was in Maun we visited a village called Samedupi where the whole village was waiting for us as they’d heard we were coming back. It was an inspiring experience to witness the strong rapport and reputation Irene and Lebo have developed with this, and other, communities.

Thanks to your continued support, we can continue this important work.



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Reaching out into the Okavango Delta: news from our safari camp clinics

Many things excited me about my recent visit to Maun – seeing our resident homepaths, Irene and Lebo, successfully running the free outreach clinics that you so generously support. I was also impressed with the way that they manage the staff clinics at Safari camps in the Okavanga Delta. The staff there are living away from their families for 6-12 week stretches without a break, and Irene and Lebo do regular visits to give them homeopathic treatment and support. This trip to Maun I was lucky enough to go out to visit 3 safari camps, and there I ran the clinics with my co-volunteer, Julia Wilson. It was wonderful for me to re-connect with patients who I first helped in 2008 when the clinics began. I was delighted when the Botswanan camp manager told me how much he and his staff value the homeopathy clinics. He said ” I have noticed that if my staff have regular homeopathy, they stay well, get ill less often, and are less likely to need flying out for hospital treatment in Maun.” He then asked me “Can you and your team come more often?” This, Irene and Lebo will endeavour to do.

In total Irene and Lebo regularly visit 8 safari camps in the Okavango Delta and surrounding wildlife areas, and give homeopathy as a complementary medicine to staff who consult them for help with a myriad of physical and emotional problems. It is an important health support service, valued both by Safari company staff and the management teams who renew their contract with us every year.

We need a new vehicle!

Our trusty vehicle, a 14 year old 4WD Rav 4, is coming to the end of its life. Thanks to your generous donations we were able to buy the Rav second hand in 2011. It has served us well enabling homeopaths to get to villages across rough terrain but now, after a series of expensive repairs, we need to replace it. Please help us fund this new essential purchase – without it Irene and Lebo cannot run the Outreach Programme. We are looking to raise £5000 to buy a reliable second hand four wheel drive vehicle. Pleae help if you can and click on the link below to make a donation. Thank you!



Future sustainability for our clinics

The aim of the MHP has always been to make the clinics in Maun sustainable, run by and for local people. So far we have locally trained homeopaths responsible for the day to day running of the clinics. In a further step towards sustainability we are in the process of applying for the establishment of a local charitable trust in Maun, with its own board of directors. This is an exciting development but is a lengthy process, so we will keep you informed as soon as there is more to tell you.



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