Why Maun?

Why is homeopathy right for Maun?

Antiretroviral medications (ARVs) are the primary medical treatment for HIV & AIDS. ARVs are not a cure for the disease but they can prevent people from becoming ill for many years.

The health services in Botswana provide ARVs for most people living with HIV & AIDS and we support this programme, but there are toxic side effects including liver deterioration, muscle wastage, peripheral neuropathy, central nervous system disturbances, and inhibition of blood cell production. Homeopathy is a state registered medicine in Botswana which can complement the ARV programme.


“People here are very happy with homeopathy. In the support group they tell me, ‘the tablets really help us’. I’ve noticed that homeopathy has helped with peoples’ sores, pains, palpitations, appetite and headaches.

After the treatments, many feel they are able to look after their families. I’ve noticed that people start to talk to each other about their HIV status. Before they would keep it secret. People have started to share their experiences of homeopathy and HIV. People are opening up. Homeopathy is something good for our community.” – Dorcas Sekao, HIV Support Group Co-ordinator at Sehitwa (a village 100km outside Maun where we run a monthly outreach clinic)

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