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River in Maun

Maun, Botswana

Maun a town in northern Botswana is a community in crisis. It is home to approximately 50,000 people. An average 17.6% of the total population of Botswana are infected with the HIV & AIDS virus*. This is one of the highest rates in the world.

“In 2000, Philippa Brewster and I travelled to Maun. We saw that HIV & AIDS had become an epidemic here and people were suffering and dying alone.

I knew that homeopathy could provide much-needed holistic care for this traumatised community. It was then that the Maun Homeopathy Project was born.” Hilary Fairclough, Clinical Director

* UN AIDS Botswana 2010 Progress Report

A community in desperate need

At least one third of people in Botswana live below the poverty line, in isolated areas with little access to healthcare.

In Maun HIV & AIDS really do affect everyone – either directly through the physical symptoms, shame and social stigma, or indirectly through bereavement and the need to care for orphans, friends and family members.

Those who care for others are often forced to leave their jobs which severely damages their ability to generate income. This only forces the family deeper into poverty.

Sexual violence in Botswana also puts teenage girls and younger women at an increased risk of HIV infection. Women are often the first to learn their status – through antenatal testing – and this means they are frequently blamed for bringing HIV into the family or community. This blame can easily lead to more violence. (Ref: “Facing the Future Together” Report of the United Nations Secretary General’s Task Force on Women, Girls and HIV/AIDS in Southern Africa).

The people of Maun need our help

The Maun Homeopathy Project works with eight villages in a 150km radius of Maun (including the Okavango Delta). These villages are so remote that only two have access to a daily bus, the rest don’t have tarmac roads or any public transport. The only way to reach those in need is by taking four-wheel drive vehicles across the rough terrain of the bush.

“Homeopathy has really helped me and other people with HIV. We can get out of bed and work rather than rely on food baskets from the Government. I can plough my farm.” – Kutlwano Ketlogetswe, HIV support group member

Your help is needed

The Maun Homeopathy Project is funded almost entirely by individual donations. Please support us today if you can.

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