“What charm did you use?”

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Irene Mohiemang, one of our graduates, reports:
“We started a new outreach clinic at a village called ‘Xobe 1’ on 2nd March 2016.IMG_1994 Xobe 1 is located an hour’s drive from Maun along a rough sandy road. A month after our first visit the Village Development Committee (VDC) Chairman gave us feedback. He described how peoples’ health had improved and he said that the villagers on the other side of the Thamalakane river wanted our services too. Apparently they were asking what charm Xobe 1 village had used to get the MHP to provide a free clinic for them!
On our next visit on 13th April we found 45 people waiting for us. The number was increased by people from the village on the other side of the river. The VDC chairwoman of the other village, ‘Xobe 2’, also came for consultation and asked us to do a clinic for her village. So on 3rd June 2016 we started a clinic at Xobe 2.
The child I am giving the remedy to in the picture used to fall when she was walking due to weakness. Now she is now stable when she walks and is no longer falling.”

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