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The Maun Homeopathy Project has treated over 3,000 people in Maun and its surrounding areas. The service is valued and requested by local people because homeopathy is seen as essential to the care of patients who are living with HIV and AIDS, undergoing antiretroviral (ARV) treatment and/or traumatised by abuse.

“The patients we see have definitely improved – there are no side-effects and I know that people have had their holistic well-being boosted. Health-wise they have improved both physically and psychologically.

The homeopaths have been there for each person, spent time listening, and responded to each person’s particular needs – it’s filled a huge, huge gap because the medical personnel do not have the time nor often the knowledge of the social implications.”Allison Brown, Independent Nurse, Project Evaluation

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Kutlo is HIV positive and has been taking ARVs for two years.

Tebogo aged 8 is suffering after being violently raped.

Obakeng aged 11 is Tebogo’s brother. He witnessed the violent attack on his sister.

Malebogo aged 35 is HIV positive and has been feeling increasingly weak and ill.

Olebogeng aged 25 is HIV positive and raising two children on her own.

Segopotso aged 46 is HIV positive and has suffered two strokes.

Lorato aged 29 is HIV positive and came to our clinic with a painfully dry, bleeding tongue and persistent sour taste in her mouth.

Koketso aged 26 is HIV positive and pregnant.

Kelebogile aged 56 is HIV positive and has been on ARV treament for one year.

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