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Irene and Wasanapi are working hard. They are our two new graduates who are now practicing independently as registered homeopaths in our clinics in and around Maun. Wasanapi runs the Outreach Programme in eight remote villages, and Irene now runs the Mowana Clinic in Maun.  It is thanks to your support that we are able to now pay Irene and Wasa for their work in our clinics, ensuring a future for them and homeopathy in Botswana.

But they are not completely on their own. We know from our own experience that it is crucial to get support in the first year in practice. So they are still supervised by volunteer  homeopaths who give them weekly case analysis sessions by Skype. They present some of their own cases, and the following discussions are lively and interactive. Everyone enjoys them and Irene and Wasanapi really value the team support.Image

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