New children’s clinic in Maun

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With a grant received from the British Consulate in Botswana, one of our graduates, Irene Mohiemang has put her efforts into setting up a new clinic for children in Maun. Using her local church as a base she has managed to fill a Sunday clinic with children needing help with various complaints such as coughs, digestive upsets and skin rashes. Some of the children are HIV positive and some have difficulties at school or at home. As ever homeopathy can address the holistic situation of the child, and already Irene is getting reports of health improvements on a physical and emotional level.

This clinic is an important addition to the work the MHP does for children – our other graduate, Lebo Sarwanyane already does a regular clinic at Bana Ba Letsatsi, a centre for neglected children in Maun.


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