Lebo’s is nearly there too!

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Lebo is in her final year of studying and is making great progress. Whilst Wasanapi runs the Outreach Programme Lebo has to manage her studying as well as run our central clinic in Maun (the Mowana Clinic). But she does it all and cares for her young son too!

As it’s Lebo’s final year she needs to take as many cases as possible to get full advantage of our apprentice learning environment. This can only happen because of visiting volunteer homeopaths who will supervise her case taking and provide teaching and support. Particular thanks to Lesley Murphy her tutor from the College of Practical Homeopathy for her ongoing support.

We look forward to celebrating Lebo’s graduation and registration January 2015 – she can’t wait to finish the course and be graduated, and we’re all excited to see her as an independent practitioner.

Here is Lebo rehearsing her role as graduate homeopath!


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