Koketso aged 26 is HIV positive and pregnant.

We were first asked to visit Koketso at her home, she was unable to walk. We found that she had been suffering from severe pain, numbness and swelling in her legs, and had been having diarrhoea daily for a year.

Despite living with her husband, he didn’t look after her. Instead he brought other girlfriends home, before finally beating up Koketso and throwing her out of the house they shared.

Pregnant and with nowhere else to go, Koketso went to stay with her mother, but this only made her more depressed. Worse still, her HIV meant that she suffered from persistent swollen and painful gums, and often had sores inside her mouth. Understandably, her appetite was very low and Koketso became thin and malnourished.

But Koketso told us that after a course of homeopathic treatment and counselling, she is smiling again. She feels much stronger and no longer has any pains, numbness or swelling in her legs.  She is able to walk and is even wearing shoes with heels! Her appetite is so good that she says I feel like eating anything and everything!”

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