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Moreomoato is a village over an hour’s drive from Maun in the middle of the Bush on the edge of the Kalahari Desert – people there have minimal health care services.

The community in Moreomoato had heard about our clinics and so the Chief invited us to  give a presentation about  homeopathy and the service we  provide.  Volunteers Alina Ascari and Mindy Gill went with members of our team in Maun – Wasanapi, Lebo and Olorato – to talk to the Chief and a group of villagers.  Lots of questions were asked about what homeopathy is, how it works and about whether we are registered to practice homeopathy in Botswana.  The team were able to answer the questions and reassure the community that all our volunteer homeopaths are registered with the Ministry of Health.  At the end of the presentation it was agreed that we could start a new Outreach Clinic in Moreomoato – our first clinic will be Friday 15th June 2012, and will take place monthly after that.  We look forward to providing a regular homeopathy service to this community which, like others we visit, is so in need of our help.

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