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When homeopathy is your passion it is good to feed yourself – this one day experiential workshop, “Tools for the Busy Homeopathy” gives you an opportunity to be inspired by 3 sets of speakers and their approaches to different aspects of the practitioner’s life.

Sun 16th October, 10am – 5pm
Neal’s Yard Education Room, London WC2H 9DP.

Cost only £45 ( all proceeds go direct to the Maun Homeopathy Project)
Some places still available – please contact me today to ensure a place: mhp@homeopathybotswana.com

Robert Barker (founder of HSC) & Sherry White RSHom,
Fulfilling your potential

Are you financially successful in your practice? Do you have a steady stream of clients or is it feast or famine? Do you feel good about the payment you receive for the service you provide? Sherry and Robert share a passion for practitioner support and self-care and together they will be helping you clear the emotional blocks that hold you back from achieving your full potential.

Sally Ann Hutcheson RSHom & Nicky Lee RSHom, founders of Energy Diagnosis Therapy (EDT)
De-toxing the patient

Sally Ann and Nicky have devised a protocol which they call EDT. Their years of experience showed them that Homoeopathic Remedies can achieve a lot, but modern life has presented blocks that can prevent the remedies from fulfilling their potential. Sally Ann and Nicky will show how, using a very simple kinesiology technique that can be easily learned, they can identify the blocks, and find the remedies, potency, and dosage that offer a way forward. They will illustrate the talk with a variety of complicated cases from their practices, and will incorporate some practical work to show you how easy it is to identify what toxins are blocking the way, where they’re lurking, what will shift them and how to support the organs in the process. They will share with you some of the most wonderfully therapeutic remedies from different ranges of complex homeopathy.

Tim Lloyd MCPH, Vice Principal College of Practical Homeopathy
Male Patients

In our homeopathic practices we can sometimes find that men are difficult to treat. Tim will look at the different approaches that may be helpful with male patients – how to create a bond with a male patient in order to get the information you need, rather than the information they think you want; how to reveal a man’s innermost thoughts without leaving him feeling naked; and how to help the patient deal with emotional issues or trauma. Tim will also look at some male-specific pathologies including the pros and cons of circumcision (both early and later on in life), erectile dysfunction and infertility.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Hilary Fairclough

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